Reducing Your Home's 'Kerb Appeal'

Usually seen as a good thing, your home having ‘kerb appeal’ generally means that your house looks attractive from the outside, especially to potential buyers. However, kerb appeal can also refer to criminals and thieves viewing your house as a good target for robbery as it doesn’t look very secure. To reduce the kerb appeal your home has to criminals, you need to increase the security of your property and make your home look impenetrable. To help you, the team here at Systematic Services have put together a few ideas to increase the security of your property and reduce the risk of criminal activity.



Monitoring the perimeter of your property increases the chance of burglars getting caught, so having surveillance cameras visible on your property will act as a visual deterrent to would-be thieves. Having surveillance on your property also means that if thieves were to target your home, it is much more likely that the culprits would be caught and punished as you could use the CCTV images to visually identify them to the police.

To really maximise the surveillance your property receives, IP CCTV is your best bet. Unlike traditional CCTV, IP records both audio and picture and transmits the data through wireless technology to phones or laptops, so you can ensure your property is safe even when you’re not there – perfect if you’re concerned about the security of your house while on holiday.


Prevention is the best way to keep your property safe, and the best way to prevent burglaries is to make your property harder to get into. You should take steps to safeguard your doors and gates. Intercom systems allow you to speak to and identify whoever is at your door before you grant them access to your property, making unexpected and unwelcome intruders a thing of the past.


If a burglar was to make it into your property, an alarm would not only scare the perpetrator away before they caused any damage or stole any of your possessions, it would also draw attention to the fact that a crime is taking place. Whether it’s simply alerting your neighbours, sending a text to your mobile or immediately calling the police on your behalf, an alarm system will stop a criminal in their tracks and keep your home protected.

Low tech security measures

There are also some low tech steps you can take to prevent thieves being enticed by your property and thereby reduce the risk of thefts and break-ins, some of these include:

  • Leaving lights on when you’re not in the property
  • Setting lights to timer mode when on holiday
  • Leaving a radio on in the house while you’re out
  • Keeping all valuable items out of sight
  • Installing motion detection lighting to the outside of your premises
  • Keeping greenery trimmed so burglars can’t hide and watch your property

Systematic Services have been operating since 2003, delivering high quality security measures to residential and commercial clients across Central London. Our range of products extend to include the latest state of the art technology to ensure the highest levels of security, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer care so we’ll take the time to walk you through all aspects of your new technology. For more information on how we can help keep your premises safe, get in contact today and we’ll be happy to help.